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Moscow apartments are the objects of dreaming of outstanding, mighty and successful people

Moscow apartments are the objects of dreaming of outstanding, mighty and successful people. If you reached high altitudes, scored a great success, surely, you expect only the very best. If you are the person adoring high speed, test drives, posh restaurants and night life no doubt you’ll find a great many of fun in Moscow. If your life is a kaleidoscope of colorful events, if you are a fancier of glamorous parties and lively impressions you’ll find a host of alluring Moscow apartment rentals. Your house should be ultramodern and stylish, combining laconism and clarity of constructivism style without any excessive enrichment elements. Your house should emphasize your individuality in every way possible.

Apartments in Moscow first of all are of interest of newcomers invited to the capital for long-term employment agreement. Hotel rooms unlikely correspond to the abovementioned criteria in such cases. Genuinely stylish and contemporary apartments are profusely offered, for instance, in multistoried elite residential compound «Aluy Parusa». Luxurious and spacious apartments with total area starting from 110 square meters and exceeding 370 square meters and high ceilings and refined finishing and decorations... It sounds invitingly, doesn’t it? The apparent advantage of the residential compound is the well-develop infrastructure which has no analogues in the capital: promenade embankment, yacht-club, yacht moorage and lighthouse. Besides, there is a sport club, bowling, restaurant, sports ground with a running track, children playgrounds and alpine gardens. The territory of the compound is professionally guarded.

Each respectable real estate agency will provide you with an impressive list of contemporary elite residential compounds. We advice you to view the following residential compounds if you are going to rent apartment in Moscow: «Triumph Palace», «Sozvezdie Kapital», «Kutuzovskaya Riviera», «Nezhinsky Kovcheg», «Vorobievy Gory», «Zolotye Kluchi», «Syetun», «Fusion Park», «Onegin», «Korona», «Pokrovsky Bereg», «Pokrovskoye Glebovo» and so on. You should keep in mind that worthy accommodation in Moscow do not stay too long on the market. Despite the global financial crises international relations are rather plentiful and favorable. Thus your goal is keeping abreast developments and making constructive and legible requirements. The search is to be entrusted to skilled experts, in such a way quality and efficiency can be gained — and a a little later you’ll throw VIP parties in a penthouse with panoramic glazing and a view in the river smooth.

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